About Us


We will become a most valuable resource to our Customers, by delivering exceptional products and service at a competitive price, while continuously improving Customer-Value via innovation and cost effectiveness.


Close collaboration with Customers is required to understand their issues and future needs. We must strive to achieve greater efficiencies through continuous improvement of internal processes. Resources must be dedicated towards design improvements and technological advancements. We must diligently work on interdepartmental and interdivisional communication, collaboration, and teamwork. Our workforce must grow, in capability, and in knowledge of our markets, and we must build a culture of pride.


  • All employees should strive to deliver EXCEPTIONAL Customer service, but nevertheless always completely satisfy the Customer.
  • The company has a responsibility to the employees, to treat them with respect and honesty, to provide a safe environment, fair compensation, and growth opportunities.
  • Each employee has a responsibility toward the organization and should respect that responsibility by doing the best job he/she can, and work with integrity.
  • It is important that employees learn about the industries our company serves and our products, to gain a better understanding and awareness of our Customers’ needs.
  • Embrace change, drive for continuous improvements, big and small.
  • A cooperative, positive atmosphere of teamwork is needed to build the most efficient organization.
  • Employee involvement is critical to improving processes.
  • A fun, enjoyable work atmosphere is encouraged.

Quality Statement:

Glassline Corporation will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed our Customers’ requirements and expectations by actively improving on our quality management systems to allow each employee to do their job right the first time, and every time.

Trusted in The Industry since 1970

Years Of Experience

Our History


1970 Glassline Corporation was founded with $50,000 in capital and 7 employees. That first year resulted in sales of $160,000.


1973 Sales reached $1,000,000.


1981 Company growth required relocation to Perrysburg Ohio.


1986 Glassline purchased a Chicago manufacturer of diamond cutting tools.


Forms InteliCon to manufacture electrical panels and controls for Glassline machines and outside companies and consultants.


1992 Glassline acquired System Packaging: A Designer and builder of Automated Packaging Systems www.systempackaging.com


1993 Manufacture of diamond cutting tools moved from Chicago to Perrysburg


1994 Glassline acquired “SIMCO”, a manufacturer of centrifugal liquid / solid separation equipment.


1995 Begins manufacturing of diamond grinding wheels.


1997 Purchases a boring mill capable of machining large weldments, expands facility 12,000 sq. ft. addition.


1998 Glassline acquired SecurePak a manufacturer of testing machines used in the bottling industry, www.secure-pak.com.


2003 Engineering capabilities expanded by adoption of the use of Autodesk Inventor, a 3D design software solution.


2006 Acquires North Star Engineered Products a manufacturer of food processing equipment, laundry equipment and industrial centrifuges, www.northstarengineered.com


2009 Glassline Corporation acquired the glass processing technology of Aisa S.p.A., of Ticengo, Italy. Aisa is recognized as a worldwide leader in the production of
superior quality silkscreen printing machines, as well as paint drying systems, both UV and infrared styles.


2011 InteliCon relocated to Millbury,Ohio.


2012 SecurePak relocated to Millbury ,Ohio.



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